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Doggish life with stabijs and kooikers

Kissmo, Aila and NikiWe are Family of four and we live in a small rural commune named Läyliäinen, situated about 65 km from Helsinki City to North. Let me introduce myself briefly. After working many years as a nurse at the hospital, I passed a University master´s Degree in Nursing in 1999.  Nowadays I´m working as a nursing teacher at the University of Applied Sciences. However, all my free time belongs to our dogs! Even the though dogs are the lifestyle especially for me, my husband and both of our sons give me their full support.  All our dogs live at our residence as beloved members of the Family. My doggish life is not only showing; it´s also training with dogs. It´s roaming in the nature with dogs daily. The nature is an important part of my life, and I love to snap pictures of nature and our dogs!

We breed two Dutch breeds, kooikerhondjes (Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog, called also Dutch Decoy Dog) and stabyhoun (Friese Stabij, Frisian Pointing Dog). I got the kennel name “Frisian Gem” in the year 2001. This name represents our first stabyhoun, the male named Niki. Also the roots of kooikerhondjes are found in Friesland, even though kooikerhondje is a Dutch breed, not Frisian. Two years later I passed the Breeder´s basic course arranged by Helsinki Area Dog District. My breeding method is very simply.  For my opinion, the most important thing is the health (including character) of dogs – and naturally typical appearance and structure of the breed.  Well, sometimes it´s easier said than done, but that should be the aim of breeding.  I agree with the Finnish Dog Breeders Club (SuKoKa), which promotes healthy dog breeding supported by veterinary research and also morally and ethically lasting dog breeding in Finland.

I hope you enjoy visiting on sites and meeting our dogs! Frisian Gem sites are designed by Mari Sysimies. Our big thanks for the great work and co-operation belongs to her!

If you have any question or you want to know more about us and our dogs, do not hesitate to ask! 

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The dogs of this site: my first kooikerhondje Dancer´s George-Gismo v.d. Toetesteijn “Kissmo” and stabyhoun Nortwart Bouike “Niki” – always in my memories!

my first kooikerhondje Dancer´s George-Gismo v.d. Toetesteijn “Kissmo” and stabyhoun Nortwart Bouike “Niki”

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